The Bethlehem Retreat Centre


Our Vision:   Spirituality without Borders


Our Mission:

Bethlehem Retreat Centre encourages and supports the expression of beliefs and values about humanity, spirituality, healing and peace by welcoming groups and individuals exploring a spiritual path and seeking a gathering place for education, reflection and community building.



Our Core Values:

Our traditional history of hospitality reflects the essence and primary expression of the core values of Bethlehem Retreat Center.  We offer a personal welcome, simple accommodation and nourishing food in an environment of beauty and peace.

Inclusiveness – We embrace and honour the uniqueness, the inherent value of each human being and each spiritual path.  We welcome individuals and groups from all spiritual traditions and practices.

Listening – We value deep listening as a way of connecting to self, others and the earth.  We listen with the ear of our heart.

Simplicity – We believe that simplicity is an invitation which stands in contrast to the complexity of our lives and society.

Living in relationship with the earth and Cosmos – We acknowledge that we are one with the earth, the cosmos and every living being.  We celebrate the compassion that is at the core of our relationship with every living being and all things.

Over the next few months, both websites will be maintained as we plan for the future so please  continue to visit both sites until the new design is in place