The best online radios that I like



In this age of the Internet, old classics like listening music on the radio have become an obsolete thing. This is not because we don’t like to do so instead, this is because the Internet has provided us with so many options that are easier and cheaper to use. This has forced the classics to grow up with the Internet.

All these factors have led to the rise of internet radio services, which are a great option for all the radio lovers. You get to tune into your favorite radio stations whenever you like. All you need is a good internet connection, a laptop and you are all set. Some radio stations have even come up with their own app, making it easier to tune in from a smartphone or a tablet.


Here are some of the best online radios:


TuneIn : This is an online radio service that offers you a variety of options from your local radio stations to the famous talk shows. You can avail the services of TuneIn all the major platforms like iOS, Android and even on Google TV. The app is easy to find and completely free of cost. If you want the Pro version, it will cost you just $1.

Spotify: Spotify is a freemium music service provider on the Internet. You will be able to play full songs and complete albums through this radio, just like you own it. The app makes recommendations to you about new releases and top 10 lists on the basis of your own playlist and your friends’ playlist. The only downside of this radio is that the services are limited to USA, Canada, Europe and South America. : will cost you $3 per month and one of the best features about this online radio is that it allows you form a musical social network of your own. You can connect with the other users, your friends and can talk about music. You have the option to ‘love’ or ‘hate’ a particular song or even an artist.

8Tracks: This is one of the newest online radio stations and it is gaining a lot of popularity with time. It provides you playlists that need to at least 8 songs, hence the name. You can choose between free advertising subscriptions or paid subscriptions at $25 for six months. You get the opportunity to recommend music to your friends and choose music from other people’s recommendations.