Are boomboxes still a good investment?


Last week I attended my son’s parent teacher meet. I was hearing so many things about the way this six years old bundle of energy is enjoying his classes these days. I wanted to know the reason for his excitement and newly generated interest in his lessons. Soon the mystery around it was revealed. I learned from his class teacher that she has been using a boombox for creating a conducive learning environment with music, storytelling and songs.

I was impressed with what she told me. When I was returning back I wondered how creative it is of his teacher to use a boombox to make lessons more interesting for the energetic tiny tots. Before this experience I knew boombox as an entertainment gadget. It is usually carried by the young people along with them to enjoy an ‘anytime anywhere party’ with reverberating music.

I think that value of a gadget depends on how it is being utilized. I my view a boombox still hold a strong position as a valued gadget in home and outdoors. It is a reasonable investment but comes with many advantages. It can be used by trainers as well as parents to let the kids learn in an interesting way.

The people, who love to enjoy their life in outdoors, need to have some source of entertainment and information. The Boombox is not only a music player with loud and enhanced set of speakers but also have the capability to catch the local radio signals and keep you informed with the latest happening in your city and around. You will love the musical feast anywhere you go.

The advantages are far beyond. When you get a boombox you will have an auxiliary input which you can use to take volume to fill the room with thumping audio. The inbuilt  Bluetooth option in the boombox is a good feature. If you have music of your choice in different gadgets and your Smartphone you can play them right from the source devices. You can connect to multiple gadgets through Bluetooth depending on the number of devices it allows. Of course the plain old music CDs and DVDs can also be played with same versatility and ease. You can also use the speakers of a boombox as audio output medium for other player devices to add stereo effect to your favorite music albums.

Most of the boomboxes come with Built-in cassette recorder so that you can record music from other source like a CD. If you are gifted with a good voice then you can also hum the notes using the built-in microphone and play it later to wow your audience. So, looking at the benefits of boombox, it will never go out of use while paying you the worth you have spent on buying this cool gadget.