Why I like Sony Boomboxes

Sony is one of the giants that introduced the boombox to the masses during the late 70s, and ever since, the boombox never really left the stage, and it is only lately that most people are starting to come around and enjoy the sound of a good boombox again. Although there are all kinds of manufacturers now that are making boomboxes, just like Sony and other big names, I’ve never gotten to taking a liking to other brands than Sony, which is why I am going to tell you right now why I like Sony boomboxes and what makes them so special to me.

Although I should start with things like sound quality or functionality, I think the first thing that really comes to mind when looking at a Sony boombox, no matter which model, is that these babies look really great. There are all kinds of designs available, so if you are looking for something more vintage inspired, or rather a modern looking boombox, you will find everything in their stock. Futuristic looks, subdued looks, old school looks, Sony has them all, so, if you are really particular about how your boombox should look like so that its physical appearance is as bad-ass as the sound that it will deliver, you cannot go wrong with this company, ever.

Of course, now I should talk about the sound quality and power of these boomboxes. Again, this is an area where Sony does not easily allow any other name in the industry to get ahead. Employing all kinds of enhancers and clever technologies, Sony boomboxes are capable of powerful, high quality sound that will put you in a special category of audiophiles that cannot be bothered with the usual ilk of portable speakers. If you want power, measured in watts, and if you are sound quality, measured in how many people will enviously stare at your boombox, then you should get one from Sony.

Let’s not forget that these boomboxes are built to last. They are made to withstand plenty of wear and tear and they are a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to keep their boombox only at home, neatly place somewhere no one can touch it. Some designs are made to be taken along on a construction site or anywhere else durability and strong housing is necessary, so you will have no troubles finding a Sony boombox to fit your preferences. At the same time, Sony manages to keep its models quite lightweight, so it will not be a bother for you to take them everywhere.