Two Boomboxes I recommend



I’ve always loved boomboxes, because of their sheer power of being able to disrupt the quietness of any neighborhood, and, of course, the superior sound quality you can enjoy when using them. While back in the 80s, everyone seemed to be all out with their music preferences, over the years, listening to music has become a pretty much personal affair, with people more and more preferring to listen to music on walkman, portable CD players and more recently directly on their smartphones. While I am all down with that, I still see no problem with having a boombox, too, and I am glad to see the resurgence in this item’s popularity. If you are here to look for the best boombox I am here to tell you a bit about two I really like and I want to recommend them to you, as well.



The Jensen CD-490 is my first recommendation. This one has everything you need in a portable music player. It plays CDs, it is compatible with both CD-R and CD-RW formats, and it comes equipped with an easy to read track display, so you will know exactly what is played. All the basic functions you would expect to find in a boombox are all here. You can skip tracks, go back or forward, repeat your favorite song and program its memory. This is more than just a CD player though, since it comes with an AM/FM receiver, so you can listen to your favorite radio stations, exactly like in the good old days. A headphone jack makes things simple for listening to you music in private, and the extra input jack for connecting your iPod or any other digital audio player makes it even more portable.

My second chance would be Sylvania SRCD243, a quirky looking boombox that everyone seems to love. As a portable CD, it does a pretty swell job and the sound quality is appreciated as being superior by most buyers. Because it also functions as an AM/FM radio, you can take it to the beach with you, even if you are not hauling a bunch of CDs along with you. You can skip to the track of your choice, search for your favorite song and store 20 different tracks in its memory, so you can easily create playlists just to your liking.

These are my two choices I wanted to tell you about. They are simple, straightforward boomboxes with great sound quality, dependable portability and the best part is that they come really cheap, so there is absolutely nothing to hold against them.